Corrugated Iron

If you want to buy or sell heavier gauge corrugated iron, you should consider using eBay or Gumtree. I also list, below, the details of some people interested in acquiring old shelters or iron.

I am sorry that this page - originally my market place - is no longer open for new entries.


The corrugated iron that was used in the war, especially in Anderson Shelters, was significantly thicker (heavier gauge) than that which is manufactured today - around 2mm thick rather than the current 0.7mm.

Although the metal is heavy, individual pieces can usually be carried by one person - although two is better. And I have transported it in a Citroen Berlingo car/van, so I imagine that it could be carried in a wide range of estate cars and vans. But please do check dimensions and weights before committing to a long journey.

Shelters/Iron Wanted

Anderson Shelter/Individual Parts/Components Wanted. Aaron Matthews ( or would like to acquire an Anderson Shelter/materials needed to construct an Anderson Shelter. Based in Gloucester, Gloucestershire so would prefer to try and keep it ‘local’ but would consider other areas. I am a Wartime Collector, Living Historian/Re-enactor and Wartime Historical Interpreter. I am currently creating an historical collection that could/would be used to help educate and promote local wartime history and heritage through talks, tours, presentations and displays for schools and members of the public young and old to help tell the story of local wartime history and plan to work with local museums and other history groups, associations and societies. I can try and arrange collection (can’t promise). I look forward to hearing from anyone who would or is able to help/assist me. (Listed December 2018)

Anderson shelter/individual components wanted. I am in the east midlands, so midlands and the north, I am prepared to pick up. I can dismantle if required, please advise your details and requirements. I am a military collector, with a specific interest of the home front. Thought its about time to seriously look to acquire and re-build a shelter. Oh, and I remember my Nan having one at the bottom of her garden when I was a kid. Ray Whittingham Derby. (Listed September 2018)

Esme Webber ( )would like to acquire materials needed to make an Anderson shelter. She works in a primary school and would love to provide the children with the opportunity to construct an Anderson shelter as part of their topic around WW2. She is based in Portsmouth. (Listed August 2018)


Martin Stanley