Anderson Bomb Shelter in Liverpool

This is an interesting 'bespoke' shelter in a wealthy part of Liverpool.

It is clearly an Anderson shelter, set in concrete - as were several of the other surviving shelters.  It was built some distance from a large house, set in a sort of concrete blast pen.  But the three arches are each made of one piece of metal. not two bolted together as in a standard shelter.  And the walls at each end are faced in wood. 

The owner of the house was a 1st World War veteran still in the Army Officer Reserve who was working as a stockbroker's attach√©.  With him were his wife and sister and several other women, all in their 40s. The women were mostly listed as Women's Voluntary Services drivers, possibly attached to Royal Artillery.¬†It appears that they collectively had the means and skills to have built a tougher-than-average (and relatively luxurious) shelter, and to acquire the larger pre-formed pieces of corrugated iron.

The following photos were taken by Kyle May.  You can see larger versions if you click on the images.