World War II Anderson Shelters

This site contains information about surviving World War II Anderson bomb shelters, and about the design and construction of Anderson shelters.

The photo to the left demonstrates the strength of an Anderson shelter in the garden of a house destroyed by a bomb.

Surviving Shelters

Click here for information about a shelter located in Stockwell, London SW9. (See photo on the right.)

And many shelters were dug out of the ground and re-erected shortly after the war. The one on the right is in Kentish Town, London NW5. Click here for more information and photos.

Click here for information about a shelter located in Richborne Terrace, Vauxhall, London SW8. See photo on the left.

Click here for information about other surviving shelters in Kentish Town (photo on left) and in Watford.

Please email Josh Stanley if you have any information about other Anderson shelters which have survived through to the 2010s.

And please follow this link to access an informal marketplace which lists shelters and corrugated iron which are no longer required by their owners.

Visits to Shelters

The owners of the shelters in Richborne Terrace and Stockwell welcome visitors, including school parties, by arrangement. Click here to see some photos of previous visits. The owners of both shelters may be contacted via the webmaster.

History and Construction

Click here to read a brief history of Anderson air raid shelters.

Click here for information about the clever (and very strong) design of Anderson shelters.

And click here to read about the rebuilding of a shelter that originally stood in the Bromley area. The photo on the left shows the construction of the 'emergency exit' in the back wall of the shelter.

Click here to see eight makers' stamps including an Emu and a sheep!

And click here to read the official Home Office 1939 instructions for the construction of Anderson shelters.

And click here to read how one Birmingham teenager was nearly killed in an Anderson shelter.

Josh Stanley